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Second Life Batteries

Electric vehicles are a promising means of transport, as they are less polluting than conventional vehicles. However, the high cost of batteries makes the purchase of electric vehicles less financially attractive when compared to conventional vehicles.

For this reason, research is needed to reduce the cost of batteries, as well as to enable their application in real scenarios. One of the alternatives to reduce the cost of batteries is reuse, that is, the use of batteries in a second application.

This reuse consists of reusing deactivated electric vehicle batteries in less demanding applications, such as applications connected to the grid to increase the efficiency, stability and reliability of the electrical power system.

An energy storage system must meet environmental, safety and performance requirements. Therefore, this project proposes to raise the state of the art in the reuse of lithium batteries through a comparison of the main technologies developed, their advantages and disadvantages, the main types of energy management systems, the quantification of the environmental impacts obtained through the reuse of batteries, the costs and the technical and economic viability of the reuse of batteries.

Manufatura (Manufacturing Group): Projetos
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