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Manufacturing group

Our manufacturing group is focused on the production of coin, pouch and cylindrical battery cells, supercapacitors and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). We manufacture paints for surface coating, producing electrodes to encapsulating cells and also making modules.

We have experience producing coin and pouch cells for supercapacitors and batteries (Li ion & Li-S).

We are acquiring a setup to manufacture 21700 cylindrical cells on a laboratory scale. See here the video of the first manufacture of pouch cells for batteries and supercapacitors in the southern hemisphere. We are in full development of the first prototype of supercapacitor and battery modules (Li-ion and Li-S) in Brazil with 100% of the cells made here, and belief that we wiil launch this in 2023. We are adding value to our natural wealth, transforming it into important products for modern society.

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