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About Us

Our group focus on research in Energy Generation and onboarding energy by etanol apllied to electric Mobility and stationary sistems. We are more then 40 researchs performing in cell and batteries modules assembly: (i) Li-air; (ii) Li-ion; (iii) Li-S; (iv) Na-ion, (vi) redox flux; (vii) supercapacitors e (viii)Solid state fuel cells. We interface with the public and private sectors, leveraging resources and strengthening the relationship between academia and the productive sector.

Vídeo Institucional

We have projects co-financed by companies such as SHELL, Toyota, VW, Stellantis, Bosch, AVL and SAE together with FAPESP, FINEP, FUNDEP, CNPq and CAPES. We are always open to the most important challenges of humanity, seeking to develop technologies for Brazil in a way that they can be Global solutions.

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